Called by the Prosecutor for the 3rd Time, the Chairman of the KONI Kampar Absent Again
Senin, 22-02-2021 - 23:44:03 WIB

BANGKINANG - The Chairman of the Kampar Regency KONI, Surya Darmawan, was not present to meet the prosecutor's summons regarding the alleged corruption in the Phase 3 inpatient development project at the Bangkinang Regional Hospital. It means that Surya Darmawan has been absent three times without giving reasons.

According to the Riau Prosecutor's Special Crime Assistant, Hilman Azazi, Monday (22/2/2021), the investigating prosecutor again sent a summons to Surya Darmawan.

According to Hilman, Article 112 paragraph (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code states, "The person who is summoned is obliged to come to the investigator and if he does not come the investigator will call once again, with orders for the officer to bring him".

This case moved to the investigation stage after the prosecutor's team discovered that there was a criminal incident in the course of the project. A number of parties have been questioned, including Asmara Fitrah Abadi, Director of Bangkinang Hospital.

In addition, the investigating prosecutor also examined the Director of the Bangkinang Regional Hospital for the 2017-2019 period, Andri Justian, Chairman of the Kampar Procurement Service Unit (ULP) Working Group (Pokja), Musdar.

In addition, the same process was carried out for the Head of the Kampar Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD), Edward, and a member of the Working Group, Dicky Rahmadi.

From the information gathered, there are two companies participating in the tender for the construction of the inpatient room, namely PT Gemilang Utama Alen, located at Kompeks Bumi Sudiang Permai Jalan Perum Sudiang Raya Blok A 151 Makassar, South Sulawesi (Sulsel). This company made an offer amounting to Rp46.492.675.038,79.

Another company is PT Razasa Karya. Interestingly, the company lost even though its offering value was lower than PT Gemilang Utama Alen, which was Rp39.745.062.802,42.

Based on information, in working on the project, PT Gemilang Utama Alen collaborated with other parties or borrowed the flags of other companies related to Surya Darmawan.

The project, according to the contract, should have been completed by the end of 2019. However, it did not materialize. Partners are only able to finish with a progress of 92 percent.

Judging from the remaining 8 percent of activities, it is not a big enough value. However, from the information obtained, a number of jobs of considerable value remain. Like, the installation of one in three elevator units. Likewise, a number of air conditioners have not been installed.

In addition, a number of works that have been done have been judged carelessly. For example, on the terrace of the main door of the building, where work has not been completed, such as the floor, ceiling and main pillars.

Then, it was found that some of the walls of the room had been transformed into plywood and several hallways were found that the ceiling had been badly damaged, many of which were leaking, inundated with water. Some of the main pillars were also known to experience cracks.

Although it was not finished, at that time the partner was not blacklisted.* / Dai

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  • Called by the Prosecutor for the 3rd Time, the Chairman of the KONI Kampar Absent Again
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