Banten Police Continue to Conduct Patrols at Vital Objects to Prevent Covid-19
Senin, 22-02-2021 - 08:55:47 WIB

CILEGON - In order to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in Banten Province, Ditpamobvit personnel who are members of the Nusa II Safe Ops in 2020 carry out the disciplinary performance of Health Protocols in National Vital Objects (Obvitnas), Certain Objects (Obter), and Tourist Attractions in the Legal Area of the Region Police Banten.

Banten Police Chief Inspector General Pol Dr. Rudy Heriyanto explained that the Banten Regional Police was intensely carrying out disciplinary patrols on health protocols as an effort by the police to attract the public.

"Banten Police invites the public to always apply health protocols," said Rudy Heriyanto, Sunday (21/02/2021).

Meanwhile, Dirpamobvit Polda Banten Kombes Pol Istiyono, S.H explained that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Banten Police's Ditpamobvit personnel routinely disciplined the public to always apply the Health Protocol.

"Personnel in charge of conveying an appeal to the public companies and tourist attractions to always use masks and attune to constantly wash their hands or using hand sanitizers and paying attention to the Physical Distancing," explained Istiyono.

Istiyono said that the personnel on duty in the tourist area demand the managers and security officers so that health facilities and temperature measuring devices were provided at every entrance or related to the adoption of new habit adaptations.

In a separate location, the Head of Public Relations of the Banten Police, Kombes Pol, Edy Sumardi, said that Ditpamobvit personnel in dialogical patrols invited the public to always prioritize and adhere to health protocols in the Adaptation of New Habits.

"Alhamdulillah, the patrol is safe under control and no crime or street crime is found," concluded Edy Sumardi. ** /dai

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  • Banten Police Continue to Conduct Patrols at Vital Objects to Prevent Covid-19
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