As the State Present, TNI-Polri Personnel Are Mobilized to Help Jakarta Flood Victims
Minggu, 21-02-2021 - 22:28:08 WIB

JAKARTA - TNI-Polri personnel were deployed to every point of the region which experienced flood in the last two days. They were assigned to help residents who were victims of the incident.

"Surely thousands of TNI-Polri personnel have been deployed to help residents who experience flooding," said Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police, Inspector General Argo Yuwono in his statement, Jakarta, Sunday (21/2/2021).

According to Argo, TNI-Polri personnel carry out assistance in evacuating residents, building emergency posts and kitchens, as well as supervising the implementation of standard health protocols when floods hit.

Argo emphasized that the deployment of TNI-Polri personnel to help citizens is a form of implementation that the State is present when its citizens need assistance.

"TNI-Polri personnel are a reflection of the presence of the State in helping residents who are victims of the floods," said Argo.

It is known that TNI-Polri personnel immediately stepped in to help residents who were flooded at a number of points. One of them is in the Cipinang Melayu area, East Jakarta. They deployed rubber boats, set up emergency posts, and assisted in evaluating residents who had fled.

Meanwhile, the police also carried out evacuation and assistance to the Bekasi Regency area which was affected by the burst Citarum River embankment. Among them, Babakan Banten Village, Sumber Urip Village, Pebayuran, Bekasi Regency.

As for those affected by the floods, Karang Segar Village and Karang Harja Village. The total affected households (KK) are 6,000 with a water level of 1.5 meters.

Then, Biyombong Village in Pantai Selamat Village, Muara Gembong District, Bekasi Regency. Those affected by the flood were Pantai Harapan Jaya Village, Jaya Sakti Village, Pantai Bahagia Village, Pantai Sederhana Village, Pantai Mekar Village.

The total number of affected households is 5,094 with a water level of 1.5 meters.

In addition, because the flood occurred in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Covid-19 body review team also continued to work to provide maximum service.

Even though in the midst of a disaster, the team braved the floodwaters using a rubber boat, following a narrow alleyway to study the bodies of Corona virus victims. **/dai

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  • As the State Present, TNI-Polri Personnel Are Mobilized to Help Jakarta Flood Victims
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